Snow Blower Transmissions and Differentials

DI Series snow blower drives replace crude friction-disc transmissions with smooth, gear-free propulsion. Our unique V-Motion system eliminates the slipping, erratic performance, cumbersome shifting, and constant maintenance of friction-disc drives, so removing snow is simpler, faster, more effective, and completely automatic. With GT snow blower transmissions, there’s no shifting – just clean, clear walks and driveways – and intuitive power steering for easy machine handling. And, they are unaffected by extreme conditions, so performance is always at its best, even during winter’s worst.

  • Proven in extreme temperatures as low as -20° Fahrenheit
  • V-Motion™ CVT drive with patented torque sensing system smoothly matches power to demand
  • One simple control allows users to reverse and change speed on the fly. (HR300)
  • Intuitive and power steering options ease handling in deep, slippery or heavy snow (HR300 I and HR300 P)


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