About Us


Family-owned, customer-focused, innovations-driven.

GT is a family-owned business with a global presence. Founded in 1991, we design and produce transmissions that make outdoor power equipment more profitable for OEMs and more appealing and productive for users. Our industry success was built on gas-powered lawn and snow blower transmissions, but we’ve committed to help reshape the future with innovations in electric power-to-drive solutions.

In August of 2019, GT acquired Actuator Electric Motor (AEM), a respected global manufacturer of electric motors and controllers for power tools and other applications. This combination of engineering expertise and  manufacturing capability gives us the unique ability to design and build more efficient, complete solutions as a single source supplier

We follow four principles:

Never settle. We never stop seeking new and better ways to make transmissions lighter, stronger, more reliable, more affordable. Through constant innovation, we help our customers keep their competitive edge sharp.

Unquestioned quality. At every price point, our products are designed, tested and proven like no other. They are maintenance-free for life, built to outlast OEM equipment itself, and known for steadfast reliability that impresses manufacturers, dealers, and end users.

Service above all. Customer service is our most important product. Whatever your challenge, opportunity or issue, we are here to meet it. Our goal is to earn your trust and your business, every day, without fail.

Standards of Excellence. Founder Robert Blanchard created a lasting climate of invention and innovation. His visionary designs and enlightened approach to contemporary raw materials have led to multiple patents and an elite group of multi-talented engineers in the R&D innovations lab.



Curiosity. Enthusiasm. Ingenuity.

Born on a farm in rural France, Robert Blanchard grew up with a hands-on introduction to mechanical equipment. It was the beginning of a lifetime of persistent and passionate inquiry into machinery and what made it tick. In  founding General Transmissions, Blanchard put his vision, innovation and hard-won knowledge into design and functionality and set a course that would take his revolutionary transmissions to households throughout the world, capturing 60% of the global walk-behind market.

Robert passed away in 2016, in the midst of creating new designs for different industries. His determination and the will to make products better became the genetic pathway for GT and it remains so today. His daughter and son-in-law Nathalie and Wouter Barendrecht now lead the company and continue to bring inventive ideas to every continent.

Located where we’re needed.

GT is present where outdoor power equipment is made, so we can respond faster, shorten delivery times, and lower logistics costs

·    GT headquarters and R&D center are located Les Herbiers, France with a 130,000 sq. ft. facility that includes highly automated, state-of-the-art machine and injection-molding shops

·    Our sales and service office in Houston is focused on providing real time trouble-shooting and easy access to parts inventory

·    An advanced manufacturing plant in Matamoros, Mexico (with a sales office in Brownsville, Texas) allows us to provide one-day shipping to most of our North American customers

·    A production facility in Suzhou, China adds to our ability to deliver on-time, on-cost products

·    AEM is located in Yuao City, Zhejiang Province, China with R&D and state-of-the-art production facility