Walk-Behind Transmissions

GT is the world leader in walk-behind mower transmissions. From economical single-speed models to smooth, effortless, variable-speed drives, our transmissions are the most practical, cost-efficient and user-pleasing products available. With over 20 million walk-behind transmissions sold, quality and performance are certain. And with a model and price for every application, a reliable single-source solution is yours.

  • Engineered for high-torque and superior performance
  • Heavy-duty construction designed to last the life of the mower
  • Precision-engineered clutches handle bigger loads and heavier machines

Product Lines

MA Series - Automatic Clutch Transmissions

This innovative, patented clutch system – a GT exclusive—engages automatically through tensioning the drive belt, while speed is adjusted by feathering the control bail. The use of a dual output shaft (MA 302, 402, 502) eliminates the need for a freewheel system in the wheels.

MC Series - Cone Clutch Transmissions

When smooth engagement is a high priority, a cone clutch is an excellent solution, providing an ideal combination of transmissible torque and control ease. MC models have the option of V-motion variable speed control for increased flexibility and user comfort.

MD Series - Dog Clutch Transmissions

Thanks to its internal, lever controlled dog clutch, the MD series enables easy installation in the mower deck while providing durability and high torque at a competitive cost. MD models have the option of V-motion variable speed control for increased user comfort and convenience.

MS Series - Synchro Clutch Transmissions

The innovative MS series combines the smoothness of a cone clutch with the durability and torque delivery of a dog clutch. The effort needed to maintain transmission engagement is among the lowest in the market, for increased operator comfort. MS models have the option of V-motion variable speed solutions for increased user comfort and flexibility.

MG Series 3-Speed Gearbox Transmissions

The MG Series 3-speed gearbox provides the perfect job-to-speed ratio demanded by turf professionals and homeowners with large properties. Cone clutches provide smooth engagement and low control effort, making it the right choice for heavy-duty applications. MG models have the option of built-in freewheel systems to reduce maintenance.

MV Series - Slipping Cone Transmissions

MV Series transmissions utilize a continuously slipping cone design, giving the operator the ability to match torque delivery to the job at hand. A high torque rating makes an MV transmission perfect for heavy-duty commercial mower applications.